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A Journey through Time!

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An Open Letter to You: The Bible, a truly inspired book, but it is so much more than just a book.  GOD says it is his LIVING WORD.  The Bible was written by 40 authors in multiple languages each with a unique style and was done over a period of 1500 years… yet it tells the story of mankind in one seamless thread that runs through the entire Bible.  Here at BCF we have embarked on a journey of exploration, wending our way through the bible and discovering the 12 stages or eras of time that the bible presents for your consideration. We have created a special set of phrases designed to help you remember the 12 stages broken into 4 parts. First Phrase: Can People Ever Cooperate Second Phrase: Just U Carry on Cooperating Third Phrase: Rejoice God Enables Everyone

  1. Can - Creation
  2. People - Patriarchs
  3. Ever - Exodus
  4. Cooperate - Conquest


  1. Just - Judges
  2. U - United Kingdom
  3. Carry on - Chaotic Kingdom
  4. Cooperating - Captivity


  1. Rejoice - Return
  2. God - Gospel
  3. Enables - Early Church
  4. Everyone - Epistles

  The Living word has become flesh, you might know him as he does have a name… Jesus.  If you do then this series will help you to grow in your faith bringing clarity to what you know in your head and heart, if not, we invite you to go through this Journey with us, seek knowledge and understanding for yourself.  No one but you can seek answers to the questions that this series brings.  You can begin by going to our YouTube Channel and start with the first video in the series and then watch and listen at your own pace as the 12 Stages of Our  Journey are opened for you to explore.  Discover for yourself great truths that are revealed in a single thread by a loving GOD who desires a relationship with YOU.   We wish you every success in your quest!   The BCF Family